Sunday, March 27, 2011

BRAND NEW POST!!! "MESSY/MESSI" (Black & Yellow Freestyle) - LYRICS & DL LINK!!!

"MESSY/MESSI" (Black & Yellow Freestyle) ~ X.O Senavoe

Aaaahaaaa - you know what it is
X.O Senavoe - n***s is gonna to rock to dis
I let them breathe a little - but I'm back to snatch their oxygen
I'm sorry mannnnn, fix up that face! Botox or collagen 
Already on top - decided to skip that 'up and coming' bit
But the people who been here the longest say that I been running this
Since I dropped my first Taxi Music, Victory and Power s**t
I'm proud of this! - Shout out to everybody who's a part of this!

My flow is colder than the hearts of heartless serial killers
The master of my P, show no mercy to Percy Millers
Envied by the pimps cos I got more beats than a J-Dilla
X.O keeps givin y'all heat, Senavoe's way chiller
Esquire rapping now
I'm Black and Gold 
Canaries, no Camaros
Your vectors I will arrow
Pajamas in Pajeros
Simmer down, but not Donaeo
The flow is on steroids and I'm the truth - Jose Canseco

Green White Greens, Reds, Star-is-Black and Yellows
Yes O, X.O is a Naija and a Ghana fellow
And everything I'm spittin' shakes my peers - like Orthello
Always droppin' nuggets of truth - I call em Carmelos
The people closest to you hurt you the most
And yeah I see the bullsh** - treat it like Casper The Ghost
Rippin' em beats, spittin' that heat, so my every line is a quote
And though I give 'em draw bridge - I'm not oblivious to moats

So go Jor O, Udontdeymadt abi?
Massa, u feel u say u be killa eh?? We go see
I'm about to storm in here - my n*****s Sauce & Naeto C, Mugeez & Paedae, D-Black, Sarko, MI, Beazy - e go be!
And I hit em in 3's - you can call me Reggie
Miller - Beef? Veggies
PITA but no Vecsey
Like Barca's Messi - my Bars are so Messy
Ray Charles spitter - Better? Let's see
Even deaf n***s be like - "X.O yo we don hear"
How u dey scatter boys everywhere, they don disappear!" 
They grabbin' for them rabbit ears, faster - rabbit or haaaares?
Don't know the answer - so lemme ask a question here 

Wetin I no fit do?
Find me on Oleku remix with Ice
Faster than Kanye runaway from that Phoenix
On the beats I'm like a T-Rex, I dine and soar (dinosaur)
Higher than Whitney Houstons voice when she sees me in a 'v-neck'
And to my folks up above - "What's the deal?
Your boy is not smiling - no more them Happy Meals"
Got 'em nerves so I can feel
Six months rapping? Oh well
Call me The Greatest and I went to Howard - no Cosell 

Li-terally the sickest the illest the realest the deal is the minute they need it I kill it then seal it I mail it 'til they get it a Menace like Dennis I'm legend with letters and I'm in this to win ... (interrupted) "X.O CHILL THIS IS JUST A FREESTYLE!!"
The critics and cynics - I spit is so silly I reveal it and peal it and pillage their villages, C'mon let's get it!
I'm silky - they acrilyic I'm realistic yet idealyic plus I know the feeling of taking over - I'm filthy with it

English Kasahare, 'Uptown energy' -  Yaa Pono
But never 'Under Pressure' - shout out to Raskimono
Language is polished (Polish'ed) but these rappers talking broken nails?
Already gave the vows - it's time for open veils
Nobody better! You have a better chance asking Jim Iyke to put down the mic
Or keeping T.I. outta jail
DJ's spin this! Rotation - I love my X.O Nation 
Even the haters sayin': "Jeez he's (Jeezy's) got that motivation!!!"

~ X.O Senavoe (Messy/Messi) 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011




I dropped this in a taxi on my way to Waxi’s
D-Black and Dee Money, pockets Green'er than Gaffacci
Lyrics got em buzzin’, more Dede than Amakye
I’m all over the web, DJs spin this like Ananse
Notjustok exclusive, (I'm) about to take this over
Africa, Americas, Europe, Asia
Maybach's an old beat, I’m fresh - Bella Roma
Star explodes, X to the O, I’m Supernova

Now this inspires me
But I understand what the spires/the spice/the spies be
How many babies will I murder with the M-I-C?
How many sick lines will I spit ‘fore they despise me
Too clever? Well here’s a river, cry me
A wannabe? I see, get u an IV, u will need ID, Problem is - 'I’m me' (ha)
I sit on top like a windmill rudder
And if u sleepin’ on me, it must be undercover
Get it? Under'covers? I flow like Blow Fish
Hootie, Darius Rucker
Hungry? Go fish
I swing it out of the park, u throw that low pitch
Your Pockets MT,N (empty and) I KASAPA (speak well) - GLO rich
I spit em German Shepherds, chihuahuas go fetch
Dog/Dawg, you wanna flea (flee) or do (due) time, well my flow tics (ticks)
Repeat offender - Voe did it again - Oh shhhhhh!


My crew profits (prophets) like Elijah
Metamorphos'izer, Overachiever
But y’all Do Little like Eliza
Voe! The flow will turn a Ghandi to a fighter
And a Simba to a Tony, and a Tony to a Liga
Been known to quote the Book of Micah in a battle or a cipher
NoHair, flow smoother than forrmica
I am the culture, the people, the streets, the struggle
The future, the purpose, the legend, the HUSL (hustle)

Oh yes, the flow is stupid
I found the beat so I could lose it
No Mission Impossible - ask Tom how I Cruise it
Then go to Weezy, ask Lil how I Boosie
Wadup to M.I, Prince & Jagz: I am Loopy 
I Rock more Stones in my Office, ask Reggie
And when I Appiah (appear), Ladies (Lady's) go Gaga, ask Jackie
Or Genevieve Nnaji
I'm just a fan, I don’t Nouah (know her), ask Ramsey
All of my girls are dimes, I call em 'sub woofs'
You always with em 1's, just like the swine flu
H1N1 - get it? Got it? Cool
When pigs fly I will rap ...
Swine flew!
Here to bring change - buy a clue
XO leaves a beat like Intermilan - black and blue
Senavoe - nice to meet you, you and you

Lyrics to "Taxi Music" by, & owned per copyright by, X.O Senavoe (



Tuesday, March 01, 2011


"GETTING TO THE MONEY" (Sauce Kid feat X.O Senavoe) 

 ~~ X.O Senavoe Verse ~~

My metaphors are metamorphous like Morpheus forming informants informing informers of X.O's awesome performance 
In other words, (it's) like a sauna the way I sorta put these words in order, in order to make em hotter - like my persona 
XO Voe, right?!?! Considered the illest to spit it infinite, you can find me in NYC or Gidi fitted
Or A-c-c-r-a so Lagos wid it! Ha! Just started rapping so they've benefitted 
But I'm in the game now though - like Magic Johnson in 1980, a rookie with a ring and already stuff of legend
So many bars, guess I'll start the sentence, I'm in the pocket, bout to get em, quarterback and pass em 
I touchdown - more often than wide receiversss, them nuccas is ballin? My foot! See the way the fans receive us!? 
But - we don't do whores (horse) though - Seabiscuits; Everybody wants to be a millionaire - Regis! 
Back to this money nucca, back to the money; Yo, they spit 'Wanda Sykes funny', what these jokers wanting from me?
Nobody's better, uh-uh! Not even Usain Bolt could catch up if I was blind and half-stepping - like semi-tones
We get around more than merri-goes, Pockets way deeper than em bari-tones
We see them Tools though huh? "How you doing?" We hired the Drivers so we can concentrate on the Screwing 
Wherever X.O and Sauce be trouble Bruins (trouble's brewing), You see LA (UCLA) is up in Cali - we gotta common influence (Get it?)
It's stupid the way I put it - you gotta loop it; Remember when Babajide was in love with Guadalupe? 
I am the 'P', ask my nucca Naeto C, Who's the best? I gotta B (be), I free madness like Terry G (Gbagaun!)
V.I., see I, the sickest lyricist to spit, flow so B.I. 
G., always been known as V.I.P., now I'm 'The Greatest', me A-li
Cashius Clay, listen up Sonny, I'm King and I dey like Sunny, so kick it - no Kaita Sani
Fix up your faces, this beat is decapitated, and I just buried the body, so let's get back to this money!

~ X.O Senavoe (

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