Wednesday, August 18, 2010


W'dup fam, thanks for checking this out. This is NOT a real RAP verse. It's called "Entendres" because, though it's pretty short, almost each line has more than one meaning - two, three, etc. Also, lines are connected, sometimes four lines together, and so on. The "fun" (my bad, lol) is deciphering all the various (hidden) meanings, metaphors, 'entendres', etc. Let me know what you find.


Simi-lar to green mint, base hits, ‘The Big O’
I Triple these Doubles
Entendres, like barbers, line-up Six teens - it’s simple
Should sneeze ‘fore u read this
The way each line bless u
To prosper like “no Weapon formed 'gainst" God's/Gib son

I "X" these -Ray Charleses, with sheer wit, to see through
To how these ‘phors gorgeous
Zumunda's Queen Lisa
And the whips perform miracles, bird-yella Poupon
Grey-haired geezers get they Henny 'n Goose on
Save 'em a glass, cut it up like coupons
Serve 'em these bars for days, sentences life long
But when four fours are done, give ‘us us’ free like Djimon
Nikon cam shoot Dow'n these A-ver-age Jo(n)es
Thread lyrics into Affirmed pros(e), I’m a stud (Amistad)
And I home-stretch zeros (O's), knock “M” out like TK
You wanted ‘you you' a free 16?
Well “This Is It”
I aM J

~ NoHairDontCare ®