Wednesday, October 10, 2012



She preggers
But she drinkin’
“Aint no sunshine” she singin’
Hummin’ or whistlin’
Damn, this young old-lookin’ chick trippin’
She don’t care
"Fuck y’all", she sippin’
I see her each morn on way out
Keep wonderin' what her day’s ‘bout
New-Sammy-Sosa skin, light brown
She too fine to have her hands out
Beggin' for handouts
Could do much better, hands down
My barber, Chuck, put me up on it
Laid down the story
Now my heart broken
Like the spirit of most Black professionals
But far from dead
Here’s what Chuck said:

Eva was the area diva
Rich ‘til parents leave’d her
Taken by death, delivered by drunken teen thugs
Her uncle, Costello, watched her
Like hawks do
Through high school
Good guy too
Paid for first year of State School
College, then watched her flourish
Drove her to fly
She sailed through on scholar’ships
Third year, as junior
Unc let in Grim Reaper
Buzzed in by love for spirits, the drinker habit
See, this Costello was no Abbot
Then first semester, as senior
She met her Huckleberry
His halo white-washed like Sawyer’s fence
She played that Tom and Jerry
Turned down date offers
But before long he’d Turn'ed h'er
Like Tina
But the flame that burned between them
Would soon turn round to burn her 

Broom jumped and rice thrown
They moved to Harlem
New fam 
With big dreams
But he was harlot
And home was harem
So marriage had problems
House was no home, ask Vandross
She started cussin’
He'd end with bustin’
First arms, then body
Then face
First Pain, then bruises
Then blood
She stayed

See, he’d pinholed her camera
And now she bore his image
Young Ike, baby Finn
A new buck, young Chris
Jumping Jermaine's Jermajesty
A Junior Huck?
Aww Shucks
So for the baby she stayed
The fuck
Said John Mayer
Fathers be good to daughters
I always thought it
Meant teach respect, and
Be kind and her Gibraltar
Meant more than buying Coaches
Guccis, bags, dresses, loafers
Meant treat wife with love, respect 
So children learn the spirit
And daughters come to expect it

She didn’t
Her pops had done to mother
So she thought the whuppin' normal
But dudes in Harlem didn’t
So dropped by the crib
Her absence
To 'talk' it out
Find out how young Huck "was livin'"
The cops found him days later
Still staring in same direction
Stiff like South Park Jimmy's erection
His body bullet-ridden
Face flat
Soul lifted
No Leon, no Heart Beats
No Leona, no Heart Bleeds
Just the silence of a dead lion
Now slain Bo Beep

But Eva's still preggers
Young but old-lookin’
"Ain't no sunshine," still singin’
Hummin’ and whistlin’
She trippin’
But she don’t care
She lost it all, 'cludin' respect
So "fuck y’all", she sippin’
And we keep walkin'
Each mornin'
Mindin' our business
But these our sisters
And brothers
Fam, let's stop the violence

~ NoHairDontCare®


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

X.O Senavoe Lyrics - Illegal Music 2 (M.I)

M.I just killed it, but I rap in the after-life
Mummy-wrap these rappers, embalming fluid’ly grab a mic
Turn ‘er like Ike, then tell Baba Suwe to grab a bite
Imprison him for one year, he might drop some sh*t as dope as mine!
I’m lying! No one as dope or doper
My pops passed, I’m in his Stead, man – where is my Oprah?
In one year, I studied the culture, and did it so kosher
So now that I’m the rap Okocha, I could coach ya!
'Xtra-Ordinary Senavoe – check!
IM2 is now ready cos X.O is on deck!
Xpoint0 coming soon, I promise, Massa – no vex!
I’m bald (I ball), I win – Alec (Alek) – Wek!
Lyrical fiend and phenom, rap’s phenomenal phenomenon
Them faeces wanna see me, tell ‘em the beat is what my feet are on
Frank Sinatra, I see the pussies and Rats in a Pack
The backstabbers are back, but dawg, I’ll murk any cat on a track
Never brag, just stating the facts, I made em a pact:
SANKOFA - ‘taking this back’, no Confederate Flag
I mean – u wanna go to College – sit for SAT!
Or u could etch me on your chest – call it a ‘tit for tat’!’
Get immortalized along the line, I gotta lotta lines
I got em mortified, I’m more defined with more lines than them longs and lats
Longitudes, latitudes – my attitude is 
Dudes is auto-tuning they voice when their rhymes are really out of tune!
Call me Julius!
The crown was roaming (Roman) – Nemo
I ceased her (Caesar) – so now X.O is the hero??
Got Green – so thinking of changing my name to Ceelo
Heavy bars – so thinking of changing my name to Kilos
The rap game is the matrix?? I’m sorry dawg, I’m Neo
And before I came in I put a hat on: Ne-Yo!
You sick? You mean like cancer? My weakest flow is chemo
You got it hotter than Senavoe? Never da’t (Nevada) – Reno!
Sinner! Aren’t y’all?
Well take my scrotum when I die so you can have a ball
Na eff it, they can have em both – they need some balls
They may take that literally so help me hit that “pause” - pause, pause, pause ... (Got it!)
Ha! A lot these rappers are – like twitter avatars
They far from good, but look good from far
And you comparing me to who??? C’mon dawg!
My flow is so Calabar – what is a common dog???
I come in peace, wanna beef? Be my guest
King Kong? Never! (See) I don’t need to beat my chest
Rewind this verse? Yeah, I would too – rappers shaking like Tourette’s
X.O’s on IM2 – I put this crazy beat to rest!