Wednesday, April 18, 2012

X.O Senavoe Lyrics - Illegal Music 2 (M.I)

M.I just killed it, but I rap in the after-life
Mummy-wrap these rappers, embalming fluid’ly grab a mic
Turn ‘er like Ike, then tell Baba Suwe to grab a bite
Imprison him for one year, he might drop some sh*t as dope as mine!
I’m lying! No one as dope or doper
My pops passed, I’m in his Stead, man – where is my Oprah?
In one year, I studied the culture, and did it so kosher
So now that I’m the rap Okocha, I could coach ya!
'Xtra-Ordinary Senavoe – check!
IM2 is now ready cos X.O is on deck!
Xpoint0 coming soon, I promise, Massa – no vex!
I’m bald (I ball), I win – Alec (Alek) – Wek!
Lyrical fiend and phenom, rap’s phenomenal phenomenon
Them faeces wanna see me, tell ‘em the beat is what my feet are on
Frank Sinatra, I see the pussies and Rats in a Pack
The backstabbers are back, but dawg, I’ll murk any cat on a track
Never brag, just stating the facts, I made em a pact:
SANKOFA - ‘taking this back’, no Confederate Flag
I mean – u wanna go to College – sit for SAT!
Or u could etch me on your chest – call it a ‘tit for tat’!’
Get immortalized along the line, I gotta lotta lines
I got em mortified, I’m more defined with more lines than them longs and lats
Longitudes, latitudes – my attitude is 
Dudes is auto-tuning they voice when their rhymes are really out of tune!
Call me Julius!
The crown was roaming (Roman) – Nemo
I ceased her (Caesar) – so now X.O is the hero??
Got Green – so thinking of changing my name to Ceelo
Heavy bars – so thinking of changing my name to Kilos
The rap game is the matrix?? I’m sorry dawg, I’m Neo
And before I came in I put a hat on: Ne-Yo!
You sick? You mean like cancer? My weakest flow is chemo
You got it hotter than Senavoe? Never da’t (Nevada) – Reno!
Sinner! Aren’t y’all?
Well take my scrotum when I die so you can have a ball
Na eff it, they can have em both – they need some balls
They may take that literally so help me hit that “pause” - pause, pause, pause ... (Got it!)
Ha! A lot these rappers are – like twitter avatars
They far from good, but look good from far
And you comparing me to who??? C’mon dawg!
My flow is so Calabar – what is a common dog???
I come in peace, wanna beef? Be my guest
King Kong? Never! (See) I don’t need to beat my chest
Rewind this verse? Yeah, I would too – rappers shaking like Tourette’s
X.O’s on IM2 – I put this crazy beat to rest!