Thursday, May 29, 2014




I started with my 'back to the future' - Michael J Fox
All of the times, through all of em nights
Was slaving on this day job
It really wasn't they fault
I've got this different take on - life
Seen it snatched too many times
To never ever fake one
So I Buffy the Body’ed - I
Backed it up
I never talk but when I do my nuccas know I
Backs it up!
The flow is so Slush, kid
I keep it Noble and humble
So now that X.O’s global
Jills will know – I’ll Jack 'em up
Sweet baby Jesus!
Rappers is getting seizures
Lord please let em understand I'll kill em in my leisure
Shout out Tuface Idibia
You’re humble like no other brothere
From Grass to Grace I look up to you
Word to mother!.
Did this with no backing label
Just an inner voice saying “Carry on!”
Sometimes Pure Water sef was hard
How much more Capri Sun?
Would ping and call like
“Bro, you there? You there?” (No answer)
So I now know the friends who for you will stick up - with no hands up
Never got bitter
Just better
His rookie year, Magic Johnson was a champion
I’m just a rookie, isn't that what y'all discount me on?
Exhibit A - "Xpoint0"

You know I decided about a year ago that I would give up everything I had to make sure I didn't waste the gift that God had given me with my time on earth 


Yeah, you must have heard the Bible story about the talents right?
You either use em or you lose em
So whenever I see em tryna stop a man from using God’s gifts
I be like - who's em?
Cast em like the demons into swine
Lose em!
For this gift I'm Prince Akeem
I traveled from Zamunda ‘round the world to find the woman of my dreams
You know, my Lisa
She’s a, queen sir, hip-hop's now married to me sir
So the beats and subjects thrown at me?
I slice em up like pizza
As I assume rap’s leading role
I'm tryna keep the internal bottoms of my feet
My sole (soul)
Stay modest, spit the hottest
That's how I beat them cold
Pressure makes you a Diamond
Shout out to Wande Coal
One time I spared a beat’s life but I left it comatose
Then I killed it by the second verse just in case it re-arose
Even Pinocchio knows
That you can find me lying
With models on the Poconos Islands
Beating it longer than his nose
You got the Frankincense and myrhh? - I am the gold
This verse is sponsored by “The Gift” - me in a bow
So well suited for this - Saville Row
So ‘Xtra-Ordinary I don't even need the Sena...voe

I mean listen the truth is it hasn't been easy at all, but I wouldn't give it up for anything. I thank you God. Thank you for making me what I am today. 


Yes the metaphors are stupid
So some losers get deluded
And wanna sell me for 30 pieces of silver
Like Judas
Even when we fail the truth is, ha
God is love and never fails!
(Now that's ‘Xtra-Ordinary)
No matter the matter
A brother is a brother
Like Biggie’s debut album
“Ready To Die” for one another
Rap’s heavyweight champions
Klitschko Brothers
“X.O, so why you do this?”
Niccuh, I do this for my mother
I'm a superstar, sorry
Hotter than Northern Cali
A Monster
I’m Ball’ing with my Halle Berrys
With Serena's assets - killer bodies
You watch the Espy’s?
Like the nursery rhyme's little lamb
It's me they wanna marry?
Me? Is it the body?
The three Machiavellis
You know
Three two packs/Tu-pacs
Get it? Never mind me
I'm only here breaking every record like levies
No Hair, rap’s version of the son of Mary
Savior/save ya
A piece of cake, come by, have a bite, drink and chill
Abi your stock is going up dude
Create a new me? Right
Yeah, imitation’s the sincerest form of flattery
But you can quote me from today
The best, muhfuckers
I'm tired of acting like I'm not the best muhfucker
Is X.O Senavoe cussing?
Yeah, I know that caused a ruckus
I'm just over here tryna not lose my mind, my focus
Or this gift, muhfuckers
The best muhfuckers
I'm tired of acting like I'm not the best, muhfucker
Is X.O Senavoe cussing?
Yeah, I know that caused a ruckus
I'm just over here tryna not lose my mind, my focus
Or this gift, muhfuckers

My gift, I’m just thankful for the gift … of life!

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