Saturday, October 26, 2013

KURT COBAIN - X.O Senavoe | Lyrics

HOOK  (vocals by Koro)

Whether koko den bofrot, or drinking Alomo, Baba God knows that we'll never go low
And if we die, the music won't die, legend will I be, legend is I
I promise to go go, where they've never gone before
We're going for gold ‘til we never go broke
Always go high, keep spittin' fire
Legend will I be, Legend is I


These are probably some of the greatest of my latest verses
X.O versus a beat, carnivore versus meat
Herbivore to the muthaeffin' green, G-O-A-T
Greatest of all time
Say “aye” to I, Jay to your Z
Haters annihilate 'em, everyone else embrace 'em
Not Illuminati but brick throwers, see? I am amazing (a mason)
In less than one year, I put myself in the conversation
For the best to ever do it
Doubters now say they knew it
Oh you knew it? Well I must have missed it, prove it!
My metaphors so rich all of my fans are now affluent
I speak success, in that language I'm effin’ fluent
With feet on the ground, I took off and effin’ flew in
What the Lord has put together, let no rapper put assunder
I understand that cos we over, they wanna put uS under land (Sunderland)
Asamoah Gyan
Y'all know I don’t play!
Beefing me's suicidal - Kurt Cobain!



I was single
But now I'm married to this rap game
She is a gorgeous, jealous, over-zealous, hellish wife
It's a hell of a life
Dodging her monthly cycles, pedaling my lyrical bike
The destination is heaven but this journey’s a hell of a ride
That’s never blasphemy, that’s not for me
I know God is in control and all of my #XONATION soldiers they go blast for me!
The clout’s for you to find out, to know? Well that’s for me
Anopheles flow, even mosquito biters clap for me
(3 claps) Yeah 3 times for me
You see those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind, and we
All sinners, with an invitation to Calvary
Xpoint0, I'm giving y'all this classic for free
Appetizer, then entre, Koko this just the kose
I don’t need y'all Mr. Beans to gas me up- I'm filled with propane
Flow for miles (Myles) – Davis, on tracks I’m John Col-trane (train)
Bars is suicidal - Kurt Cobain!



From Wall St. to street corners, Chief to chief mourner
Is this the life we chose? The life He chose for us?
Even the best die, I’ve seen the worst fly
Peeped the humble stumble and crumble while the proud thrive
So I'm not following rules wannabees wrote for us
Already ‘treble’d my wealth by not joining the ‘chorus’
Cheers! I’m not the Norm, Ha! I dream enormous
I’ve always stayed myself - by being metamorphous 
It doesn’t matter if you're Yellow, White or Blacker than the Friday after Thanksgiving, you're rocking it with this African cat
Who gave his past up, for the now to go down!
Put off the glitz and white wigs - now wearing Africa's crown
In rap nobody better, without gari what is eba?
Pearl Jam without Eddie Vedder, Okyeame without
Announcing my arrival, rapper you not my rival
Beefing me is suicidal - Kurt Cobain!

REFRAIN (vocals by Koro)

The time is now to be a legend
We here today, and gone tomorrow
The time is now, the time is
X.O, Koronation (2x)

~ KURT COBAIN | All lyrics by X.O Senavoe | Production: DJ Juls | #XONATION 2013, All Rights Reserved. ~

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